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The company Meant4.pl Web Studio was established in 2006 and from the very beginning we have been using Drupal platform for most of our projects.

Meant4 area of business is to create and integrate web applications, advice on up-to-date Internet trends, analyze functionality of users' interfaces and test their particular needs.

  • Meant4.pl Web Studio is hiring a PHP/MySQL programmers from Warsaw/Poland.

    Meant4.pl Web Studio is hiring a PHP/MySQL programmers from Warsaw/Poland.
    We about to begin three 2 years projects based on Drupal, that is why we are looking for new team members.

  • Causecast

    Causecast is a powerful online social medium that connects nonprofits, leaders, celebrities and brands to those who want to make a positive impact on the world. The site educates and entertains using original content and - most importantly - inspires people to get involved with the issues they want to support, in the ways they want to support them.

    Causecast is a finalist of Techcrunch Top 50.

  • GPMapaTOPO

    GPMapa Topo is the first in Poland to commercial map GARMIN GPS devices, intended for hiking and cycling. As the name GPMapa Topo facilitates orientation in the topography of land users "Outdoors" GPS devices in Poland.

    GPMapa Topo is a combination of an accurate maps of Poland, known for its product GPMapa for car navigation, with the shape of the land of Poland. Terrain is presented with a line level and a special shading. Shading terrain helps amateurs hiking and cycling orientation in the field.

  • Finder.pl

    Finder is the leader of telematic services in Poland. They have built strong market position on the basis of the Finder Online locating platform, which is their own solution developed by connecting advanced information systems with locating technology and data transfer – GPS and GSM. Finder belong to the group of the fastest developing Polish companies in the small and medium sized enterprise sector. Their position is confirmed by independent rankings. They were awarded a “Forbes Diamond” in 2012 and we appeared in the list of companies distinguished by their fast dynamic growth in value.

  • Bronislaw Komorowski candidate for President

    We have been asked to prepare the proposition of a website suitable for Bronislaw Komorowski presidential campaign.

  • Samsung Demotour

    Samsung Demotour is a project executed in cooperation with the Agency Sports Marketing Namaxa Sp. z o.o. For a period of four months, Meant4.pl Web Studio team have created a visual documentation in the form of pictures and video showing the 14 events organized by:

    * Rossignol
    * Nutella
    * Fiat
    * Samsung
    * RMF FM

    Service has become a part of the Samsung corporate parties for a period of pursuit event.

  • Evergreen

    Evergreen is a place that was a result of the twentieth century fascination with design. Items collected in the shop, despite the fact that from the date of its design is often passed dozens of years, continues to combine the functionality and timeless aesthetics of the highest sample.

    Presented collection contains furniture from the Bauhaus through the present day - forms that enliven the interiors of New York City lofts, Paris apartments and minimalist studios in Tokyo.

  • Homefit

    Homefit is the largest distributor of sports equipment in the Waterloo Region, Canada.

    Meant4 Web Studio in cooperation with Eyedoodle prepared an information architecture and project's technical specification, that meeting the customer's requirements became the key points of the implementation phase of the Homfit website.

    The entire page is based on a Drupal content management system, while part of the presentation layer has been developed using the YUI library (Yahoo User Interface).

  • Antoniloskot.com

    "I believe that a good idea is the key to interesting photography.
    I like sterile theme, a kind of photographic minimalism "

    Keeping in mind these words we have created antoniloskot.com project. Despite the large emphasis on the visual part of work, we had a lot of technical work to connect the sterile style with an advanced functionality.

  • Polish National Railways S.A

    Polish National Railways is one of the most strategic transportation companies on the Polish market. We have been asked to create new corporate website which will fulfill customer's needs.

    Major goals when creating the new website were to let employees of Polish National Railways easily publish new content in certain areas of the webpage and to integrate the application with European system of railway schedules named Hafas.

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Meant4.pl Web Studio is hiring a PHP/MySQL programmers from Warsaw/Poland.

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